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Cleaning Products

We only use 100% USDA organic ingredients in our cleaning products and technologically advanced tools to ensure that your clean has a lasting shine.

Force of Nature Eco-Friendly Cleaning System

Force of Nature is a small appliance that turns tap water plus a capsule of salt, water, and vinegar into a cleaner and deodorizer that powers through odors, grease, grime, oil, sticky messes and soap scum as effectively as bleach.

Who needs a cabinet full of single purpose cleaners? Force of Nature lets you streamline multiple cleaning products to one that cleans virtually any washable surface – sealed stone counters, glass, stainless steel, wood, laminate, porcelain, grout, tile, plastic, color-fast rugs, and fabrics. It stops odors at the source in sports equipment, shoes, kitty litter, trash cans, and diaper pails.

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Other Cleaning Products

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Canister Vacuum

Dyson’s patented cyclone technology captures more dirt than any other cyclone and removes more dust, allergens and pet hair from the home than other leading vacuums. Dyson vacuums have the most efficient cyclones and are engineered to be airtight. What goes into the vacuum goes into the clear bin – not back into the home.

Shark Genius Steam Mop

We never mop floors as steam cleaning has much better results. Vapor steam mops clean, sanitize, deodorize, and polish hard floor surfaces instantly and kill bacteria and mold spores on contact. The Shark Genius steam mop helps us remove up to 99.9% of common household bacteria from sealed hard floors.

Homemade Organic Cleaners

If needed, we have a variety of recipes to further clean and sanitize your home while adding an essence of essential oils to bring a nice smell to your home.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

To protect your surfaces and keep them safe, we only use microfiber cleaning cloths to clean and sanitize your surfaces.


You can book a slot directly on our calendar if you have an idea of your availability and needs. We'll follow up to confirm details. Please note: We generally do most of our appointments on weekends, but let us know if you have weekday needs, and we can work on accommodating you. 

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We currently and proudly serve the Tampa, Florida metro and surrounding areas including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Largo, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, and Palm Harbor. 

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Quotes are given in worker-hours, meaning that a four-hour appointment could either be one pro working for four hours or two pros working for two hours. We estimate the total time to clean your home based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms listed above. This may vary according to the unique requirements and dimensions of your home.